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DiskDigger is an useful tool that allows you to recover deleted files fron any disk.

The program works on common HDs, removable disks, USB drives, memory cards , etc. If you have deleted any file by mistake, DiskDigger will solve your problem.

If the information you want to recover is stored in damaged areas of the disk, it will also recover it.

Stop wondering how you can recovering damaged files or files deletedby mistake, DiskDigger is the solution.

Run it and choose the drive. It will scan it and will show a list of recoverable files, choose the ones you need and bring them back to life again.
DiskDigger: How to recover photos you erased by accident

One of the most dramatic events for any smartphone user is when you accidentally erase photos and video files. Recovering them is not an easy task, especially if you erased them a while ago. The reason for this is that the space they took up will be written on again with new files. DiskDigger is a free app that makes erased file recovery simple and easy. It works on Android devices, although to get the best results you'll have to have a rooted tablet or smartphone.
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